Kick-Ass Friday #0

We at Werkspot believe in bringing out the best in every person, discovering ways to stimulate creativity and become strong autonomous groups able to help take our company and products to the next level. 

In this spirit, we started the Kick-ass Fridays initiative.

Every other Friday, at Werkspot everyone within our multidisciplinary tracks is encouraged to spend the day working on a short project or initiative to stimulate everyone to explore alternative ways to create value for our users. 

On 19th January, we had our Kick-Ass Friday #0 (Yes, we start the numbering with 0, as Dijkstra intended!) in which our cross-functional teams huddled together to hack on some whacky ideas. The team gathered a lot of ideas from minor annoyances to big improvements in all facets – code, product, devops, and other fun stuff.  On the very first day of this initiative, we ended up these ideas/demos from Werkspotters!

  • Consumer Flow Improvements – to make our product easy to use
  • Improve UX for the mobile app based on SP feedback – Fancy Swiping animations!
  • Make it easier to find meeting space at Werkspot using a slack bot, you know the challenge every office space faces 🙂
  • Better UX – Werkspot logo in 3D as a loading Indicator, because 3D is everywhere
  • Accurate monitoring for DB Backups to improve Signal to Noise Ratio of our alerts
  • How strong are passwords really – a review of password cracking tools to show the weakness of … weak passwords.
  • A tool/easy method to measure how proud we are of our product
  • Improving Not Found (404) pages, hopefully, you’ll never find them 🙂
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and decrease refunds by increasing trust to share phone number on our platform.

The day ended with music, pizza, and drinks as usual. We will have these Kick-Ass Friday’s every other Friday from now on.

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